Gabriele CENTI  Full prof. of Industrial Chemistry (Univ. Messina), member of the exceutive board  of INSTM, President ERIC, coordinator of EU-projects IDECAT, NEXT- GTL and eCAMM, chair of the editorial board of ChemSusChem, chief editor of Studies in Surface Science & Catal. (Elsevier) and Green Energy (De Gruyter)
Siglinda PERATHONER   Associate prof. of Industrial Chemistry (Univ. Messina), coordinator of EU projects INCAS, CAT-MED and ELCAT, member of GIC board, chairperson of various scientific congresses. 
Researchers and post-Docs ABATE Salvatore AMPELLI Claudio BARBERA Katia FRENI Maria GENOVESE Chiara GENTILUOMO Serena LANZAFAME Paola PASSALACQUA Rosalba SALVAGGIO Maria Grazia
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University of Messina (Dept. Electr. Eng., Ind. Chem. and Eng.) and INSTM/CASPE (Lab. of Catalysis for Sustainable Production and Energy)
updated 16 Aug. 2013
PhD Students FRUSTERI Leone PIZZI Roberto (GIORGIANNI Gianfranco) SINCHEM European Doctorate BOOTA Muhammad DEMET Atıf Emre
Management CASELLA Anna
Catalysis group directed by Gabriele CENTI and Siglinda PERATHONER
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Gabriele Centi ResearcherID A-6099-2010 Scopus Author ID 35413314000
Perathoner Siglinda ResearcherID A-6257-2010 Scopus Author ID 7004123307
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h-index:  between TOP15 in chemistry and 1st in the specific area (Ind.Chem./Chem. Eng.) Source: Via Academy