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SocietÓ Italiana di Chirurgia Surgery Journals
Italian Residents' Journal On-Line - Surgery L'ospedale virtuale
Chirurgia on line The Journal of Surgery on line
National Library of Medicine SocietÓ Italiana di Chirurgia Oncologica
Breast Cancer Institute National Cancer Institute
Public Health Degree Chirurgia laparoscopica
American College of Surgeons Canadian journal of surgery
Archives of surgery Division of Surgical Sciences
Electronic journal of surgery and specialistic medicine What's New in Surgery
Journal of image guided surgery UniversitÓ dell'Alabama Department of General Surgery
UniversitÓ dello Iowa Department of Surgery UniversitÓ del Michigan Department of Surgery
UniversitÓ del Texas Medical Branch Department of Surgery UniversitÓ del Wisconsin Department of Surgery
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Washington University Department of Surgery Information Systems
Hernia Home Page Mayo Clinic
European Association for Endoscopic Surgery Baylor College of Medicine Department of Surgery
Telemedicine Information Exchange The Visible Human Project
MedMArk, General Surgery Salute e Medicina Internet
OncoLink Medical Internet
World Healt Organization Europe SocietÓ Italiana di Chirurgia Endoscopica e nuove tecnologie
Avicenna: the Medical Information Super web server Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Springer Science Online International College of Surgeons
Oncolink European Association for Cancer Research
Union Internationale contre le cancer Istituto Europeo di Oncologia
Computer Aided Surgery A Journal Digest of Current Surgical Diagnosis and Management
Transplantation The Journal of Vascular Surgery
Surgery Current Surgery
Journal de Chirurgie The European Journal of Emergency Surgery & Intensive Care
World Journal of Surgery The Journal of Trauma
Your Surgery TIMED
Surgery on line Human simulation
Chirurgia Toracica e Vascolare - Osp.Marie Lannelongue Vesalius -Internet resource for surgical education
Integrated Medical Curriculum Online Atlas of Surgery
Student Doctor Network European Hospital Directory
Doctor's guide Surgical Conferences & Meetings General Surgeon's on line
ATLAS-plus World Federation for Medical Education

Chirurgia in Italia

Chirurgia d'Urgenza - UniversitÓ di Pisa

Chirurgia Sperimentale - II UniversitÓ di Napoli

Divisione di Chirurgia Vascolare - UniversitÓ di Pavia

Dipartimento di Chirurgia - UniversitÓ di Pavia - Varese

Istituto di II Clinica Chirurgica - UniversitÓ di Roma

Istituto di Chirurgia Generale e Cardiovascolare - UniversitÓ di Milano

Istituto di Chirurgia Generale e Toraco-Polmonare - UniversitÓ di Milano

Istituto di Chirurgia d'Urgenza - UniversitÓ di Milano

Cattedra di Chirurgia Generale - II UniversitÓ di Padova

Cattedra di Chirurgia Pediatrica - UniversitÓ di Palermo

Istituto di Chirurgia Sperimentale - UniversitÓ di Bologna

Dipartimento di Chirurgia - Sezione di Chirurgia Generale e Toracica - UniversitÓ di Catania

Division of General Surgery - Dipartimento di Oncologia - UniversitÓ di Pisa

Istituto di Chirurgia Generale I - UniversitÓ di Bari

Sezione di Chirurgia Generale, Toracica e Oncologica - UniversitÓ di Palermo

Scuola di Specializzazione in Chirurgia Generale ad indirizzo Chirurgia Generale e dei Trapianti d’organo - UniversitÓ di Genova

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