Searching for New Models in the Economic Analysis of Law
    Searching for New Models in the Economic Analysis of Law
Held at   Faculty of Law, University of Messina
 CUSEP (Centro Universitario Studi di Economia Pubblica)
 Piazza Pugliatti 1
 Messina, ITALY
March 25 - 27, 2007
The Law and Economics movement is considered by many as the most important intellectual challenge within legal scholarship in recent decades. Economic concepts are applied to explain and clarify legal issues, not only with respect to antitrust and economic law, but also relating to a wide range of non-market activities, including liability issues, family matters and crime. The workshop is the first occasion of meeting among economists and jurists in the South of Italy in order to develop common areas of research.
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This conference has been generously sponsored by Assemblea regionale Siciliana, Provincia di Messina and Fondazione Bonino Pulejo.

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