TFTP Server v.  3.5.1 


Mac OS X has its own TFTP server, but every time I needed to start or reconfigure the TFTP service on a Mac I had to use the Terminal to issue some repetitive shell commands, thus I started to build this application as a simple AppleScript wrapper for the OS X's built-in TFTP service. Then a basic GUI was added and the script become an AppleScript Studio application (AppleScript code with a Cocoa interface), also published on the Internet as TftpServer v. 0.3. Upon users' suggestions and requests, more features were added and when after one year I decided to learn the "true" Cocoa programming environment I rewrote the whole application's code from scratch in Objective-C; the result was TftpServer v 2.0, much faster and reliable than any previous release.

Using this application you can start/stop the TFTP service on your Mac and change its working path, that's where the files are sent to and received from by any TFTP client (e.g. a Cisco router or switch). In addition, other features are available to help you to seamlessy send and receive files from any TFTP enabled device to a Macintosh acting as TFTP server.

This is useful when you have a lot of network devices and want to store in a safe place all their configuration files and operating system binary images. These files can be reused later (or modified using a text editor on your Mac) to easily configure from scratch other similar devices or update their system image files.

Starting from version 3.5.1 the TftpServer application requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. The good news are that this version finally works also with Mac OS X 10.11 and later.

On Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and later you may want to allow "Apps from anywhere" in Gatekeeper, otherwise you have to right-click the application and choose "Open"... it's up to you. On macOS 10.12 Sierra you will no longer find that option unless you run this command in a Terminal window:
sudo spctl --master-disable
For further info about Gatekeeper and Sierra check this page:

Please notice that there are some requirements to met before you can properly upload a file to your Mac via TFTP, so read this before writing me that you get "Access violation" or "File not found" errors.