Contributed Papers
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Contributed Talks
Federico Ardila, Victor Reiner, Lauren Williams, Bergman complexes, Coxeter arrangements, and graph associahedra

L. Babai and E. Toumpakari, A Structure Theory of the Sandpile Semigroup for Digraphs

M. Bousquet-Melou and E. Steingrimsson, Decreasing subsequences in permutations and Wilf-equivalence for involutions

Anders Skovsted Buch, Andrew Kresch, Mark Shimozono, Harry Tamvakis, and Alexander Yong, Stable Grothendieck polynomials and K-theoretic factor sequences

Vladimir Danilov and Gleb Koshevoy, The octahedron recursion and combinatorics of arrays

Lipika Deka and Anne Schilling, New explicit expression for $A_n^{(1)}$ supernomials

P. Desrosiers, L. Lapointe, and P. Mathieu, A symmetric function theory in superspace

Theresia Eisenkölbl, (-1)-enumeration of self-complementary plane partitions

Florent Hivert, Local Action of the Symmetric Group and Generalizations of Quasi-Symmetric Functions

Eric Fusy, Counting unrooted maps using tree-decomposition

Victor Guillemin and Etienne Rassart, A q-analogue of the Kostant partition function and twisted representations

A J Guttmann, I Jensen and M Bousquet-Melou, Self-avoiding walks crossing a square

J. Haglund, The Genesis of the Macdonald Polynomial Statistics

John Hall, Combinatorial Deformations of the Full Transformation Semigroup

Axel Hultman, The combinatorics of twisted involutions in Coxeter groups

Federico Incitti,Combinatorial invariance of Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for short intervals in the symmetric group

Masao Ishikawa, A Proof of Stanley's Open Problem

Masao Ishikawa, Soichi Okada, Hiroyuki Tagawa and Jiang Zeng, Generalizations of Cauchy's Determinant and Schur's Pfaffian

Thomas Lam, Affine Stanley symmetric functions

Fu Liu, Ehrhart Polynomials of Cyclic Polytopes

Nicholas A. Loehr and Gregory S. Warrington, Square q,t-lattice paths and nabla(p_n)

Peter McNamara, Positivity questions for cylindric skew Schur functions

Alexander Mednykh, Counting non-equivalent coverings and non-isomorphic maps for Riemann surfaces

Alexander Postnikov, Permutohedra, associahedra, and beyond

Brendon Rhoades, Mark Skandera, Kazhdan-Lusztig immanants and products of matrix minors

Michael Shapiro and Alek Vainshtein, Double Hurwitz numbers and the intersection form on the moduli space in genus 0

Piotr Sniady, Asymptotics of characters of symmetric groups and free probability

Takeshi Suzuki and Monica Vazirani, Affine Tableaux and the Double Affine Hecke Algebra

S. Ole Warnaar, Hall--Littlewood functions and the A_2 Rogers--Ramanujan identities

Contributed Posters
Sergei A. Abramov, Marko Petkovsek, Solution Spaces of H-Systems and the Ore-Sato Theorem

Marcelo Aguiar, Walter Ferrer, and Walter Moreira, The smash product of symmetric functions

Marcelo Aguiar and Rosa C. Orellana, The Hopf algebra of uniform block permutations

Tsiry Andriamampianina and Vlady Ravelomanana, Enumeration of Connected Uniform Hypergraphs

Eli Bagno and Riccardo Biagioli, Combinatorics and Representations of Complex Reflection Groups $G(r,p,n)$

Eli Bagno and David Garber, On the excedance number of colored permutation groups

Cristina M. Ballantine and Rosa C. Orellana, On the Kronecker Product $s_{(n-p,p)}*s_{\lambda}$

Elena Barcucci, Antonio Bernini, Luca Ferrari, Maddalena Poneti, A distributive lattice structure on noncrossing partitions

Olivier Bernardi, On triangulations with high vertex degree

Manuel Bodirsky, Clemens Gröpl, Daniel Johannsen, Mihyun Kang, A Direct Decomposition of 3-connected Planar Graphs

Miklos Bona, The Limit of a Stanley-Wilf sequence is not always an integer

Cilanne Boulet, Igor Pak, A new combinatorial proof of the Rogers-Ramanujan and Schur identities

Alexander Burstein, Isaiah Lankham, Combinatorics of Patience Sorting Piles

Fred Butler, Some symmetry and unimodality properties of the q,x,y-hit numbers

Giuseppa Carra' Ferro and Daniela Ferrarello, Deciding the Cohen Macaulay property for bipartite graphs

G. Castiglione, A. Frosini, E. Munarini, A. Restivo, S. Rinaldi, Enumeration of $L$-convex polyominoes, II. Bijection and area

Yona Cherniavsky and Eli Bagno, Permutation representations on invertible matrices

Sylvie Corteel, Richard Brak, Andrew Rechnitzer, John Essam, A combinatorial derivation of the PASEP algebra

Sylvie Corteel, Sunyoung Lee,and Carla D. Savage, Enumeration of Sequences Constrained by the Ratio of Consecutive Parts

Francois Descouens, Ribbon Tableaux, rigged configurations and Hall-Littlewood functions at roots of unity

Emeric Deutsch, Sergi Elizalde, Old and young leaves on plane and binary trees

Mike Develin, Jeremy Martin, and Victor Reiner, Rigidity theory for matroids

Brian Drake, Weak Order on Pattern Avoiding Permutations

Brian Drake, Sean Gerrish, Mark Skandera, Monomial Nonnegativity and the Bruhat Order

Gérard H.E. Duchamp, Jean-Gabriel Luque, Karol A. Penson and Christophe Tollu, Free Quasisymmetric Functions, Product Actions, and Quantum Field Theory of Partitions

Enrica Duchi, On some classes of prudent walks

Enrica Duchi and Gilles Schaeffer, A combinatorial approach to jumping particles: the parallel TASEP

Abdelaaziz El Hibaoui, Nasser Saheb-Djahromi and Akka Zemmari, Polyominoids and Uniform Election

Sen-Peng Eu, Tung-Shan Fu, Chun-Ju Lai, On the Enumeration of Parking Functions by Leading Numbers

Ilse Fischer, The number of monotone triangles with prescribed bottom row

Gunnar Fløystad, Enriched homology and cohomology modules of simplicial complexes

Tom Halverson, Schensted Insertion for Set Partitions and the Partition Algebra

Christopher R. H. Hanusa, A Gessel-Viennot-Type Method for Cycle Systems

Gabor Hetyei, CW-spheres encoded by polyspherical coordinates

Damien Jamet and Geneviève Paquin, Discrete surfaces and infinite smooth words

Jakob Jonsson, Pseudo-independence Complexes over Matroids

R. C. King, C. Tollu and F. Toumazet, The Hive Model and the Factorisation of Kostka Coefficients

S.G. Klementyev and V.M. Petrogradsky, On growth of solvable Lie superalgebras and generating functions

Masashi Kosuda, Party algebra of Type $B$ and Construction of its Irreducible Representations

Le Borgne Yvan, Counting upper interactions in Dyck paths

Cristian Lenart and Alexander Postnikov, A combinatorial model for crystals of Kac-Moody algebras

Fu Liu and Brian Osserman, Mochizuki's indigenous bundles and Ehrhart polynomials

Toufik Mansour, Sherry H.F. Yan, and Laura L.M. Yang, Counting occurrences of $231$ in an involution

Sarah Mason, A Decomposition of the Schur Functions into Non-Symmetric Schur Functions

Sho Matsumoto, Random strict partitions and pfaffian

Hiroshi Mizukawa, Zonal polynomials for wreath products

Els Moens and Joris Van der Jeugt, Composite supersymmetric S-functions and characters of $\gl(m|n)$ representations

Masayuki Nanba, The Bruhat ordering on the Coxeter group of Type $\widetilde{C}_n$

Darren Neubauer, Raising and Lowering Maps and Modules for the Quantum Affine Algebra $U_q({\widehat{sl}_2})$

Koji Nuida, On the isomorphism problem, indecomposability and the automorphism groups of Coxeter groups

Maurice Pouzet and Nicolas M. Thiéry, Some relational structures with polynomial growth and their associated algebras

Fanja Rakotondrajao, Magic squares, rook polynomials and permutations

Brendon Rhoades, A Generalization of the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem

Juan Alberto Rodriguez and José Maria Sigarreta, On the degree-adjacency matrix of a graph

Brian Rothbach, Borel orbits of $X^2=0$ in $gl_n$

Kristin Shaw, Stephanie van Willigenburg, Multiplicity free expansions of Schur P functions

Shelly Smith, The Discrete Fundamental Group of the Order Complex of $B_n$

I.Sviridova, On the Littlewood-Richardson rule applying

Bridget Eileen Tenner, A Non-Messing-Up Phenomenon for Posets

Nathaniel Thiem, Braids and tableaux for unipotent Hecke algebras

Stephanie van Willigenburg, Equality of Schur and skew Schur functions

Emilie Wiesner, The Combinatorics of Translation Functors for the Virasoro Algebra

Alexander Woo and Alexander Yong, When is a Schubert variety Gorenstein?

Software Demonstration
Charles Cochet, Vector Partition Function and Representation Theory