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The laboratory is equipped with electronic characterization systems for on wafer and packaged sensors and devices with the instruments below:

  • VNA Agilent 8753ES
  • SourceMeter Keithley 2400
  • Picoammeter voltage source Keithley 6487
  • Lock-in Amplifier Stanford Research 830
  • TTi TF930 - 3GHz Universal Frequency Counter
  • Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS2022B
  • Power Supplies Agilent E3631 A
  • Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit Agilent 34970
  • Digital Multimeter Agilent 34401A

Home made equipment:

  • Inkjet printing deposition system for QCM and SAW Sensors and for the development of electrical contacts on flexible substrates
  • Characterization System for QCM sensors on liquid environments under static and dynamic conditions.
  • Characterization Systems for SAW sensors based on oscillator circuits and S parameters.
  • Computer Screen Photo assisted Technique (CSPT) Optical characterization system.

Rapid Prototyping Systems by LPKF

ProtoMat S103

ProtoPlace S

ProtoPrint & ProtoFlow E

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