Florence - august 2004

Pre-Congres excursion B07


Leader: L. Bonfiglio
Associate Leaders: V. Agnesi, F. Masini, C. Di Maggio

The field trip has been successfully carried out and it was divided into eastern and western Sicily. In the first stops the important and well known Spinagallo and S. Teodoro caves, as well as the terraces and caves of the Taormina area have been visited. In the second part of the field trip, the geological museum “G. G. Gemmellaro” - a Palermo University Geology Department section -  it has been visited. The museum, founded in 1861, is one of the most important scientific ones in Italy according the palaeontological collections. In western Sicily the trippers have visited the unique vertebrate-bearing deposits and the preistoric site of the Niscemi cave in the area of Mount Pellegrino (Palermo), the travertin deposit containing elephant bones and turtles of the Cappuccini quarry (Alcamo) and finally the marine terraces with vertebrate-bearing deposits  of the  S. Vito Lo Capo peninsula. The wonderful natural and cultural context of the Sicilian island has been also shown to the participants. The visit to the “Paolo Orsi” Archaeological Museum in Siracusa, illustrated by the Director Carmela Ciurcina, and to the Greek-Roman theatre in Taormina, wonderfully illustrated by Maurizio Triscari, represented the most pleasant cultural stops; in Alcamo the visit to the medioeval castle, was allowed through the courtesy of the Town Maior.

Besides the leaders, the authors of the Field trip guide book collaborated and also Gianni Insacco, Maria Clara Martinellli, Rosario Occhipinti gave an important contribute.

Click here to download the field guide (755 Kb .pdf)

Archeological Museum  "P. Orsi", Siracusa - Geological scketch-map of south-eastern Sicily.

Archeological Museum  "P. Orsi", Siracusa - Museum Director Dott. C. Ciurcina, during her talk the B07-convenors.

Siracusa, C.da Spinagallo: entrance to the cave

Siracusa, C.da Spinagallo: explanations to the convenors.

Taormina, C.da S. Leo: entrance to the cave

Taormina, C.da S. Leo: entrance to the cave

Taormina, C.da S. Leo: indicated is the bone breccia containing mammal remains.,

Taormina, C.da S. Leo: the littoral conglomerate under a wavecut notch, perforated by lithodomus holes and encrusted by vermetids.

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