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Carlo Sansotta and Elisa Ruello, Istituto di Fisica Medica Sanitaria ed Ambientale, Messina
E-mail message, December 22, 1998

We are two physicists and one of us is the webmaster of www site of the Istituto di Fisica Medica Sanitaria ed Ambientale (Environmental, Health and Medical Physics Institute) of Messina University Medical School (Italy).

We have just started an italian "virtual lab" for students of this university, and everyone interested in physics too. Surfing the web all along we have found your interesting applets; we think they are very good and very interesting for our WebLab ("web virtual laboratory"). If you want to visit us, you can go to the url: (the IFMSA site pages are all in italian, but the virtual lab page has something written in english).

Testing our lab, we are having a problem with the students of the first year of the school: the largest part of them are not so familiar with technical english language to use it for their studies; the students tell us about this problem.

So we would like to translate in italian some pages of yours and some applets of yours and put them on our server with a link to the original english pages (your pages), like the others pages already inserted in the WebLab. This is because we are writing to you: we would like to know if you have problems about; if not, we would like to receive the sources of your applets or (if there isn't nothing to translate) the list of them by page.

We have noted that there is not a mirror of your site in Italy, so it should be a great pleasure for us to mirror your pages on our server, if you think it could be positive for you.

We are waiting for your answer, hoping this could be a good starting point for reciprocal collaboration.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

With best regards

Dr. Carlo Sansotta
Dr.ssa Elisa Ruello
Istituto di Fisica Medica, Sanitaria ed Ambientale
Universita' degli Studi di Messina

Thank you very much. We are pleased to accept both offers.

In January 1999 the mirror site of maths online has been installed under the address

By and by, the applets are translated into the Italian language (for example see sulla definizione di derivata).
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