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Peter Biggs, Resource Books Ltd, New Zealand
E-mail message, May 26, 1999

We have a maths site that we are looking to sell. You may be interested. If you are not, could you please pass this message on to anyone who may be.

Peter Biggs - Manager, Resource Books Ltd

This URL and the entire site content is for sale along with the URL

The site consists of a full mathematics learning site for US Grade 12 (New Zealand Form 5) notes, problems, tests with email autoresponse and much much more.

The site has loads of potential for further development, including cd development, and the asking price is considerably below replacement cost. This is a reluctant sale.

This site won the TUANZ Award for Best Educational Site in late 1998.

The size of the site is approx. 60 Mb and is running on a Mac server with Claris FileMaker Pro software to manage databases and scripts.

To view site, enter with Subscriber Name: hod and Password: free.

Asking price: US $15,000 / NZ $29,000.
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